House Design

Can you visualise your ideal house design but need help bringing it to life?
Could expert advice give you an even better house design?

Elements of Home® are house design experts, with the experience to show you exactly what works – and what doesn’t – in a well designed, energy efficient home.

How Elements of Home® creates a great house design

  1. Your home is an extension of you: Your Elements of Home® consultant sits down with you, listens and works out your personality, your lifestyle and your ideas. We won’t impose our ideas on you, but we’ll advise you if something won’t work.
  2. Your home can be eco friendly and save money: Climate change will inevitably lead to rising water and energy prices. A good house design uses sustainable and energy efficient principles that lower your costs and your carbon footprint.
  3. Intelligent use of space and materials: Our skilled Architects and Designers use every inch of available space to create an incredibly functional home that is a joy to live in.
  4. The perfect balance of comfort and aesthetics: Your finished home is not only practical, it’s a beautiful and relaxing place you’ll enjoy coming home to every day.

Would you like Elements of Home® to help you create the house design of your dreams?