What is the difference between an Architect and a Draftsman?

How much do you charge?

I am thinking about buying a house. I’d like to buy somewhere that has potential to either renovate or extend, or maybe even build two houses. How can I find out if a house has potential before I buy it?

Elements of Home can:

I’ve just bought a house and I wish I hadn’t. I never realised that the floors are sagging, the walls are mouldy, the ceiling leaks, the heating doesn’t work and the windows don’t open. There are also big cracks everywhere. What should I do? Please help.

Don’t worry – it can all be attended to. We recommend Hire a Tradesman, our affiliate company, to refer professional tradespeople to fix all your problems.

I’ve just bought a house. It has a lot of land at the back and I’d like to extend. I really want an open plan kitchen, living and dining room. I love the whole indoor-outdoor feel – is this possible?

This is a very common question and, depending on the existing layout of your house, it is often easily achievable with some clever design. Contact Elements of Home for an obligation free appointment.

We will:

I bought some land with an old weatherboard house on it. I’d like to knock it down and build two units on the block. Is this possible and how do I start this process of sub-dividing?

It may be possible to build two units depending on the title, easement locations and any caveats. Each piece of land is subject to council, state and local laws and any development is conditional on conforming to these standards.

Elements of Home can arrange and co-ordinate the whole process. We will:

I just won the lottery and bought a block of land. I’d like to build my dream house. What is the process involved? Do I need to get town planning approval or do I just need a building permit? And what’s the difference between the two?

I love my house, but I’d like to make it a bit more open plan by removing one internal wall. Do I need to go to council for just one wall removal and, if so, can you arrange this for me?

I want a new kitchen, a new bathroom and a new laundry. Can you help?

Elements of Home specialise in wet area designs (kitchen, bathrooms, laundries) so we can definitely help. We will:

My TV unit, wardrobes and dining room table all need replacing. I also need extra storage space in my house. I’m thinking about going to IKEA unless you can help me.

Elements of Home also specialises in cabinetry design. This goes hand-in-hand with wet area design (see above). We can design your dining room table to meet your exact needs, as well as wardrobes, TV units and storage cupboards.

We will:

I want to build a deck so that we can start using the outdoor space better in summer. Does this require council approval and how much will it cost?

I want to build a granny flat at the back of my property. What are the requirements?

The definition of a granny flat is:

Contact us for more information and an obligation free assessment.

I want to give my house an extreme makeover. What do you suggest I do and how do I decide on colours and materials?